Indian Fashion Embracing Diversity: The Growth and Evolution

Indian Fashion Embracing Diversity: The Growth and Evolution

Fashion in India has seen a remarkable growth in the last few decades. The countries in the West were usually termed as the lifestyle and fashion hub. The myth has changed over the years. The poised, elegant, and breathtakingly beautiful Indian women have made a strong foothold in the Western countries. Indian women’s aura can leave you spellbound. Their sense of fashion, style, and way of carrying themselves are enough to redefine the modern haute couture.

Indian Influence

If a woman wants, she can be as hard and powerful as the stone and if she wants she can be the softest and gentlest as cotton. It is very hard to define women but the clothes that she adorns definitely have a story to narrate. The apparel she wears speaks about her taste, her personality, her traits, sketching her vibrant picture in front of you. Today, the Indian women are not lagging behind and stand at par with their male counterparts. When it comes to dressing, Indian women exudes confidence as well as the passion that are very important to excel in life.

The diverse culture and traditions in India make this country one of the oldest in terms of widespread diversity. Every religion in India follows a different set of cultures, festivals, dressings, and languages. You get to adapt mixed bag of fashion sense coming from various corners of the country. The designers have a varied range of options to experiment when it comes to design, art, and culture in India.

Global Influence

Innumerable international brands and designers have magnificently occupied the Indian urban and fashion scenario in the recent times. Whether dusky or fair, healthy or thin, today Indian women have diverse options to choose from. When it comes to fashion and apparels, the women has the liberty to dress according to one’s own taste and appeal.

Fashion has gained tremendous importance in India. Numerous fashion designers weave their thoughts and give shape to create something that enhances the traditional elements associated with India as well as blend the urban and modern fashion sensibilities.

The fashion industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Under this umbrella, the Indian fashion designers have received immense exposure and opportunity to take their creations on the International platforms and return with new ideas to fuse the Eastern and Western elements, keeping the Indian values and cultures in mind.

The Indian designers showcase their collections at local, national, and finally global fashion communities that bind both the culture. The designers from the West also try to adapt few of the Indian art forms and come up with something new which leads to diversity.

The Indian designers and apparel makers’ draw inspiration from several international as well as Indian styles of designing. The need of fashion, the sensibility to dress good has been instilled by the team of various designers. The Indian fashion market has seen the steady advent of the foreign brands slowly probing into the Indian Territory. The Indian designers took it in a positive direction by fusing the two styles and creating unique designs to augment the beauty of the Indian women.

Weaving and Blending

Today, we can see the mix of chikankari or zardozi which are beautiful Indian styles of weaving in a top or kurti. It can either be matched with an Indian salwar or churidar and it can also be coordinated with Jeans or pants. This is the beauty of the Indian fashion embracing diversity. The women in their chic attire are like a trance, you can either envy or admire but can never take your eyes off them.

The aspiring and the existing fashion designers need high applaud for always coming up with something fresh to offer and satiate the thirst of all fashion lovers. Whether fusion, or standalone western and Indian attires, the designers has definitely contributed in boosting and preserving Indian fashion.

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